Past Projects

Completed projects include:

ADI International

  • Fredericton Convention Centre (LEED) - Excavation and Backfill

ADI Limited

  • University of New Brunswick, Suite/Apartment Residence Building – Site Preparation; Site Services; Finish Grading and Landscaping
  • Greater Fredericton Airport Authority Pavilion Underground Services
  • York Manor Inc. Extension and Renovation, Numerous phases.

ADEX Mining Corp. – Mount Pleasant Mine Tailings Dam Upgrade

Agriculture and Agri Food Canada - Potato Research Centre, Lincoln Road, Fredericton

  • Sanitary Sewer Upgrade
  • Geothermal Borehole Upgrade
  • Water Main Upgrade

City of Fredericton

  • Rankine Street, Chippin Court, Tims Court Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Canada Street Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Wilsey Road Infrastructure Upgrades Phase 2
  • Brookside Drive Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1 and 2
  • Sunset Drive Infrastructure Renewal Phase 2
  • Cedar Avenue Infrastructure Renewal Phase II
  • Preston Drive Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Beechwood Crescent Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Woodstock Road - Phyllis Creek Culvert Replacement
  • Young's Crossing Booster Station Upgrade
  • Regent Street and Prospect Street Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Marysville Trunk Sanitary Sewer Upgrade - Phase 1, 3 & 4
  • Greenwood Drive Phase 2 - Water and Sanitary Sewer Renewal
  • Riverside Drive Water Main Upgrade and Sidewalk Extension
  • Calder Avenue - Water and Sanitary Sewer Renewal
  • Nashwaaksis Middle School - Tennis Court Upgrades
  • Montgomery Reservior Demolition
  • McLeod Hill Booster Station
  • Fulton Avenue Phase 2 - Trunk Water main and Local Water & Sanitary Sewer Renewal
  • Watters Drive Sanitary Sewer Renewal - Phase 1
  • McAdam Svenue - Water and Sanitary Sewer Renewal
  • Albert Street Trunk Sanitary Sewer and Local Water Main
  • Northside Trunk Sanitary Sewer Upgrade - Phase 4 - Douglas Avenue to Pump Station No. 5
  • Rainsford Lane Upgrade - Phase 2
  • Hanson Street - Water, Sanitary, and Storm Sewer Upgrade
  • Forest Acres Court - Water and Sanitary Sewer Renewal; Roadway Upgrade
  • Westview Street - Water and Sanitary Sewer Renewal
  • Forest Hill Road - Water and Sanitary Sewer Upgrade
  • Northbrook Resevoir - Linear Infrastructure
  • Rosewood Booster Station Upgrade
  • Clark Street - Sanitary, Curb & Gutter, and Sidewalk Upgrade
  • Smythe Reservoir - Trunk Water Main - Phase V
  • Friel Street - Water and Sanitary Sewer Upgrade
  • Northside Trunk Sanitary Sewer Upgrade
  • Fraser Avenue - Water and Sanitary Upgrade
  • Firefighter Training Facility – Burn Simulator, Training Tower, and Compound
  • Crocket Street - Culvert Replacement
  • Cliffe Street/Union Street Area Upgrading - Phase 1 - Union Street/St. Mary's Street Intersection and Bowlen Street
  • Two Nations Crossing – Extension of Services; Site Services and Access
  • Wilsey Road Widening
  • Smythe Reservoir - Water Main Upgrade
  • Lincoln Loop Phase 5 & 6 – Water Main and Sanitary Sewer Installation

Colpitts Developments Ltd.

  • Two Nations Crossing - Commercial Development - Phase 1
  • 700 Cliffe Street - Water, Storm Sewer, and Street Construction
  • Hillside Lane Service Extension
  • High Point Ridge - Subdivision Development including Site Services
  • 700 Cliffe Street - Phase 1 - Site Development including Site Services
  • Holden Forest - Subdivision Development including Site Services
  • Station Pointe Village - Site Preparation and Site Services

Crombie Properties/Developments Ltd.

  • Fredericton Mall, Various Upgrades
  • Sobeys Store Phase 1 Site Works, Electrical Site Work – Charlotte Mall, St. Stephen NB
  • Sobeys Site Preparation and Site Work, Miramichi Avenue, Oromocto NB

D.P. Developments

  • Cuffman Street - Water, Sanitary, Storm, and Roadway Services
  • James Street Extension

Defence Construction Canada, CFB Gagetown

  • Upgrade Water Lines, Tilley Avenue
  • Repair and Pave Parking Lot, Building K81
  • Upgrade Enniskillen Road in the RTA
  • ERW Heating Lines Upgrade
  • Upgrade Watercourse Crossing at Lawfield Road and Otnabog Stream
  • Upgrade Lawfield Road at Nerepis Tributary Water Course Crossing
  • Shirley Road Upgrade at Dingee Brook
  • Resurface Asphalt Parking Lot at Building K-15
  • Parking Lot Extension Package A
  • Worthington Road Reconstruction
  • Demolition and Removal of Two Salt Storage Units
  • B19 Utilities Installation
  • H10 Sanitary Sewer Installation
  • Fire Pond Liner
  • MFRC Parking Lot Improvements

Eastern Fence, Site Preparation, Millennium Drive

FCC Construction - 101 Regent Street (old SMT property) Demolition and Site Work

Fredericton Area Pollution Control Commission - Lift Station #5 Upgrade

Fredericton International Airport Authority

  • Short Term Paring Lot Exit Expansion
  • Culvert Replacement
  • Parking Lot Expansion

Fredericton North Shopping Center – Contract 4: Booster Station and Yard Piping

Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission - Fredericton Region Landfill

  • Force Main Installation
  • Leachate Pipe Installation
  • Construction of Landfill Gas Collection and Flare System
  • Supply and Installation of Force Main and Lift Station
  • Leachate Piping and Manholes, Cell B1

Greater Fredericton Knowledge Park Inc.

  • Armstrong Drive Development
  • Cyber Park, Building #1
  • Building #5 Site Development

Kingsclear First Nation - Various repair and maintenance projects

Liberty Utilities (formerly Enbridge Gas New Brunswick)

LM Place - Apartment Building

Malibu Street Extension

NB Dept. of Environment and Local Government

  • Gillies Court Wastewater Collection
  • Chateau Heights Servicing - Phase 6-1 Water and Sewer Mains

NB Dept. of Natural Resources

  • Lake George Mine - Installation of Temporary Spillways

NB Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Fredericton Justice Building - Site Prep
  • Haunted Pond - Replace Culvert
  • Harvey Elementary School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Devon Middle School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Miscellaneous Flood Relief Projects - Shouldering, Grading, Embankment Repair, Culvert Replacements
  • Garden Creek School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Montgomery Street School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Priestman Street School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Nashwaaksis Memorial School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Route 640, Route 8 Overpass to Serenity Lane, Grading and Paving 1.5km
  • Garden Creek Elementary School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Montgomery Street School - Structural Gravel Pads
  • Route 7 Culverts No. 6 & 21
  • Staff Parking Lot Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital
  • Connaught Street School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Gibson Neill Memorial Elementary School - Gravel Pad
  • Nashwaaksis Memorial School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Replacement of Baker Brook South Tributary
  • Leo Hayes High School - Structural Gravel Pad
  • Well Upgrade, Harvey NB
  • Four Mile Brook - Culvert Replacement
  • Victoria Treatment Centre Demolition
  • New Maryland Elementary School - Bus Drop-off/Parking Improvements
  • Harold Peterson School - Site Improvements
  • Summerhill Street School - Site Improvements
  • Park Street Elementary and Barker's Point Elementary - Upgrade Drainage
  • Devon Middle School - Parking Upgrade
  • Ecole Arc-en-Ciel - Site Improvements

NB Power Corporation - Compound Roads and Fencing, Marysville Service Centre

Northrup Homes Ltd. - Leons, Alison Blvd - Site Preparation

Roy Consultants - Various site remediation projects in Fredericton, Maugerville, Sheffield

Silverwood Projects Ltd. - Hartt Island Resort Development

South West Solid Waste Commission - Hemlock Knoll Waste Management Facility

  • Construction of Landfill Gas Collection and Flare System
  • Force Main Installation

Stantec Consulting Ltd. - Various site remediation projects in Oromocto, McAdam, Fredericton, Taymouth, Nackawic, and Nasonworth

St. Mary's First Nation

  • High Pressure Watermain
  • Gabe Acquin Drive - Phase 5 - Water, Sewer and Roadway Services

Town of Oromocto

  • Oromocto Watermain Upgrade - Phase 4 - Covert Street and Holden Street
  • Oromocto Watermain Upgrade - Phase 2 - Greenfield Road and Titus Street

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Campus

  • Central Heating Plant - Water Supply Line
  • Knowledge Park - Multi-Use Trail
  • RN Scott Hall Phase 1 - Site Infrastructure
  • Demolish Hut #5 Garland Court
  • Bailey Avenue - Water/Sewer Upgrade and Roadway Construction

Village of Doaktown - Miramichi Street Upgrades

Village of Fredericton Junction

  • Municipal Well House
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade - Pond Liner & Aeration System
  • Prides Landing Road - Storm Sewer Installation

Village of Minto

  • Northside Drive New Sanitary Lift Station
  • Northside Road Embankment and Culvert

Village of New Maryland

  • Cortland Street Culvert Repair
  • Bismark Street - Storm Sewer Outfall Upgrade
  • Development of Well 3A - Access Road and Site Development
  • Decommissioning and Demoltion of Gravenstein Water Resevoir and Control Building
  • Well Pump, Piping, and Electrical Control Upgrades for Wells A10, A11, and A20
  • Baldwin Street to Gravenstein Street - Water Main Installation
  • Sunrise Estates Drive Phase 2 – Storm Sewer, Curb & Gutter and Roadway Reconstruction
  • Loddington Street - Roadway Reconstruction and Asphalt Paving
  • Kerry Lane - Storm Outfall Extension
  • Sunrise Estates - Phase 2
  • Route 101 Upgrading Phase 2 – Surface Reconstruction and Widening

Village of Stanley - Lift Station Upgrade (Northside)

Woodstock Road Townhouse Development - Site Work, Site Services, and Road Construction

York Manor Inc. - Various site work, services, and grading projects

Subcontract Work:

  • UNB Fredericton Center for Healthy Living (Bird Construction) LEED
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades Phase 2A (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • Beaverbrook Art Gallery - Phase 2 Expansion - Site Work and Services (Maxim 2000 Inc.)
  • Kingswood Hotel (Lindsay Construction)
  • RCMP J Divison Parking Structure (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • Chief Harold Sappier Memorial Elementary School Addition (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • Montgomery Reservoir Replacement (Greatario Engineered Storage Systems)
  • Ecole Fredericton Nord (Foulem Construction) LEED
  • Corbett Center Building E1, Site Services (Bird Construction)
  • CFWOS Transformation Building L37, CFB Gagetown (Maxim 2000 Inc.)
  • Killarney Reservoir Replacement (Greatario Engineered Storage Systems)
  • Camp Argonaut Training Centre Design & Build New Accomodation (Lindsay Construction)
  • Geary Elementary Community School Renovation and Addition (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • Churchland Park Apartment Building (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • Lincoln Elementary Community School (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • Fredericton Regional Landfill Power Generation Plant (Wajax Power Systems)
  • Longwood Reservior Replacement (Greatario Engineered Storage Systems)
  • Old Dutch Foods - Warehouse Expansion (Prospect Building Contractors (2004) Ltd.)
  • St. Croix Customs and Immigration Complex (Sarchfield Electric Ltd.)
  • Forest Hill Towers (APM Construction Services Inc.)
  • Costco Wholesale, Fredericton NB - Site Services (Philson Ltd.)
  • Manhole Replacement, CFB Gagetown (A&J Hanna Construction Ltd.)
  • City of Fredericton, Transit Garage (Pomerleau Inc.)
  • Ecole St. Anne Addition and Renovation (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • McLaggan Hall Renovations (Springhill Construction Ltd.)
  • NBCC, Fredericton NB - Phase 2 - Foundations and Structural Steel (Castle Rock Construction Services Inc.)
  • NB Union Building Renovations - Site Work (King Construction Ltd.)
  • Richard J. Currie Centre, UNB Fredericton - Site Services (Acadian Construction (1991) Ltd.)
  • South West Solid Waste Commission - Cell #7 - Civil Work (Atlantic Poly Liners Inc.)
  • South West Solid Waste Commission - Filtration Bed (Terrafix Environmental Technology Inc.)

Phyllis Creek Culvert Replacement